Lynx2Games review : Simple yet easy new way to buy cheap games

Do you want to buy games but have not enough money?

Your solution is here.

Lynx2Games ia a simple new way to buy cheap games. You can buy the games by saving up to 33% , rent to save up to 67% or you can buy it in a full retail price.

This is how it works.

1.You just have to find a buddy and I'm sure you can't be the only one who's playing games , there must be people around you who also play games maybe you friends or even your brother or sister!

2.One of you are a renter who has to pay 1/3 price and get the games for 3 weeks and the other of you have to buy in 2/3 price but you have to wait for your buddy to complete transaction and you'll get the games after three weeks.

it's simple 1/3 + 2/3 = 1 price

It's sounds really good to renter because I don't think any games need more than 3 weeks to finish and some games I bought not worth its price so I got lots of games that I don't play in steam.

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